Discovering Korčula’s Vineyards: A Wine Lover’s Paradise

Korčula, a picturesque island in the Adriatic Sea, is not only renowned for its stunning beaches, charming villages, and rich history but also for its exceptional wines. The island’s unique climate and fertile soil create perfect conditions for viticulture, making it a paradise for wine lovers. In this guide, we will explore the vineyards of Korčula, introduce you to the island’s signature wines, and highlight some of the best wineries to visit. Additionally, we’ll present Villa Gabriela, the ideal accommodation for wine enthusiasts seeking a luxurious and comfortable stay.


The Wine Tradition of Korčula

Korčula has a long and storied tradition of winemaking that dates back to ancient times. The island’s winemakers have perfected their craft over generations, producing wines that are celebrated for their quality and distinctiveness.

Korčula is home to several indigenous grape varieties that are integral to the island’s winemaking heritage. The most famous of these are Pošip and Grk.



Pošip is perhaps the most well-known grape variety on Korčula. It produces a white wine that is characterized by its full body, rich flavors, and aromatic profile. Pošip wines often exhibit notes of apricot, almond, and Mediterranean herbs, making them a delightful accompaniment to seafood and light dishes.


Grk is another indigenous grape variety unique to the island, primarily grown in the sandy soils of Lumbarda. Grk wines are dry and crisp, with a distinctive bitterness and a complex bouquet of citrus, floral, and herbal aromas. This wine pairs excellently with local dishes, including grilled fish and traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

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Top Wineries to Visit

Bire Winery, located in Lumbarda, is one of the most esteemed wineries on Korčula. It is particularly renowned for its Grk wine, which has garnered acclaim both locally and internationally.

Visitors to Bire Winery can enjoy guided tours of the vineyards and cellars, learning about the winemaking process and the history of Grk. The wine tasting experience here is exceptional, offering samples of their finest Grk and other varietals, accompanied by local delicacies such as cheese and olives.

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Toreta Winery

Situated in the village of Smokvica, Toreta Winery is another must-visit for wine enthusiasts. Toreta is famous for its Pošip wine, which reflects the unique terroir of the island.


Guided Tours and Tastings

At Toreta Winery, you can take a guided tour of the vineyard and wine cellar, gaining insight into the traditional and modern techniques used in their winemaking. The tastings include a selection of Pošip and other wines, providing a comprehensive experience of Korčula’s wine offerings.


Korta Katarina

Korta Katarina, located in the picturesque town of Orebić, offers a luxurious wine tasting experience. While not on Korčula itself, it’s a short ferry ride away and well worth the visit.

Korta Katarina’s tasting room and terrace offer breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea, enhancing the overall experience. Guests can sample a variety of wines, including their renowned Pošip and Plavac Mali, while enjoying the stunning scenery and elegant ambiance.

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Pošip Days

Pošip Days is an annual festival held in the village of Čara, celebrating the island’s most famous grape variety. The festival features wine tastings, traditional music, and culinary delights, offering visitors a deep dive into the culture and heritage of Pošip wine.


Lumbarda Wine Festival

The Lumbarda Wine Festival is another highlight for wine lovers. Held in the summer, this festival showcases the best Grk wines from local producers. The event includes tastings, live music, and traditional food, making it a festive and enjoyable experience for all ages.


Villa Gabriela: Your Luxurious Wine Retreat

To fully appreciate the wine culture of Korčula, a comfortable and luxurious place to stay is essential. Villa Gabriela, located on the island, offers an exceptional retreat for wine enthusiasts.

Villa Gabriela features a range of luxurious amenities designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. The spacious lounge is perfect for relaxing after a day of wine tasting, while the formal dining area with seating for eight is ideal for enjoying meals with family and friends. The fully-equipped kitchen allows guests to prepare their own meals using fresh local ingredients, offering a true home-away-from-home experience.

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Recreational Facilities

For those who like to stay active, Villa Gabriela boasts an exercise room complete with a bathroom, ensuring you can maintain your fitness routine even while on vacation. After a workout, unwind with a game of pool or enjoy some leisure time with the video game console PS4. The villa also features a smart TV, air conditioning, washer and dryer, and an iron/ironing board, ensuring all your needs are met during your stay.

korculaKorčula is a paradise for wine lovers, offering a rich tradition of winemaking, unique indigenous grape varieties, and a range of excellent wineries to explore. From the renowned Pošip and Grk wines to the island’s vibrant wine festivals, there is no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in Korčula’s wine culture. Staying at Villa Gabriela adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your wine retreat, ensuring you have the perfect base to relax and savor the flavors of this beautiful island. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the vineyards of Korčula—a true wine lover’s paradise awaits!