Explore One Of The Smallest Villages On The Island Korcula – Pupnat

The village of Pupnat is one of the smallest villages on the island. It is a traditional agricultural village situated among the hills at the edge of the small, fertile field. A few kilometers from the village, at the southern coastline, with the views all the way to Lastovo island, are situated bays and beaches of Pupnatska Luka and Bacva, both easily accessible by car, scooter, or bicycle. The village has just over 500 inhabitants whose life is centered around the parish church, post office, local shop, and snack bar where locals play cards all day long under the shade of the old pine trees.

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If you are visiting Pupnat, this is our recommendation for things to do:

Hike around Pupnat

If you are into hiking or walking, there are plenty of old hiking trails around the village. The location on the Pupnat, nested in the middle of the island, among hills, is the ideal starting spot for various hikes. Some hikes are leading towards local vineyards, while others lead to nearby villages, from where amazing views are on offer. Some hikes can be very short but still offer lovely views, like this one that takes you up the road to the village graveyard of Sveti Jurje that features the tiny church dating from the 14th century, while a longer hike can take you to Zrnovo, another lovely village to visit.

Go for a swim on the beautiful beach of Pupnatska Luka

Pupnatska Luka is situated some 15 km away from Korcula Town. This is one of many picturesque beaches on the island offering spectacular views across the channel to Lastovo and beyond. It is a small, easily-accessible beach on the south coast, with clear swimming waters and gently sloping pebbles shingle, making it an ideal beach to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. There is no natural shade in the near vicinity of the pebbles, so if you intend to spend a day here in the summer, take a parasol or beach shelter for some shade. The drive there is worth it because even from the top of the coastal road you will enjoy an extraordinary view of the dream beach and the deep blue sea. Once you arrive at the beach, there are enough parking facilities, which is convenient if you come with your own car.

Just behind the beach there is a small restaurant and a cozy beach bar, which provide the necessary food and cool drinks. From the terrace, guests enjoy a magnificent sea view and the opposite island of Lastovo – an ambience that truly invites to linger.

Swim on a small pebble bay – Bačva

This beach is located in the small secluded bay of the same name on the southern shores of Korcula Island, in the near vicinity of Pupnatska Luka about 13 km from Korcula Town right before the entrance to the village of Pupnat. This is a nice pebble beach with clear waters. However, no matter when you decide to come for a swim, the calm and clear sea in the bay surrounded by pine trees creates a special atmosphere. There is a small cafe/ restaurant / konoba on the beach offering refreshments and good, homemade mostly grilled food.

Where to Eat

There are a couple of nice local restaurants in the village as well as a couple of them in the nearby bays Pupnatska Luka and Bačva. Konoba Mate and Konoba Pagar are popular village places to eat. Konoba Mate from Pupnat has a Michelin green star, which is awarded to restaurants that operate in accordance with ecological and ethical standards and there are less than three hundred of them in the world.

At Konoba Mate, they offer meat dishes: goat’s meat under the oven, lamb from gradel, veal cheeks, and the best ones are Dalmatian pashticada, tuna pashticada with gnocchi, etc. Another specialty is lamb with biji, something on a spoon, as well as ravioli stuffed with goat cheese in a sauce with butter and sage. Žrnovski makaruni are a traditional pasta that all Korculans have adopted from Žrnovo. But one of the most popular dishes at Konoba Mate is the težačka piltica: homemade bread with fennel seeds, prosciutto pâté with dried figs and walnuts, balancana (eggplant) pâté, three types of goat cheese and green tomato marmalade.