Visit Žrnovo Village On The Island Of Korcula

Žrnovo is a village located about 4 kilometers from Korcula Old Town. It is a small village having just over a thousand inhabitants. The village is spread over a large area and it consists of 4 separate villages/hamlets which are Zrnovo-Prvo Selo, Zrnovo-Brdo, Zrnovo-Kampus, and Zrnovo- Podstrana.

If you are coming to visit Žrnovo for a few hours or a day, this is our recommendation for things to do:

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Try local produce

Local produce grows in abundance around Zrnovo. Vineyards bear wine grapes, olive trees produce some of the healthiest olive oils and fruit trees grow in abundance. Many local people are engaged in producing their local products either for home consumption or for sale. One such place is Eko Skoj. Here at the family homestead, you can sample, olive oil, home-made brandies, sweet treats and more. There are very busy so it’s advisable to let them know in advance you are coming.

Don’t Miss Zrnovski Makaruni Festival

Home to the traditional island pasta, makaruni, it is only right Zrnovo celebrates this delicious dish. Every year for one night in August huge pots of bubbling sauce line the streets whilst hands work in unison rolling the pasta into shape. It’s a fun evening of merriment and tasty food.

Watch A Mostra Sword Dance

The Mostra is an ancient sword dance between two armies performed only in the village of Zrnovo. The dance is accompanied by drums and misnice (bag-pipes). It traditionally ended with the beheading of an ox, but now a far less barbaric finale of popular dance is staged! You can watch a performance of the Mostra on the local Saint Day or on a few evenings throughout the summer.

Visit churches in Žrnovo Vilage

As you find across the whole of the island, there are many churches in Žrnovo village, many with a long history. A few you might like to check out include: St Roch’s chuch in Postrana which offers fantastic views and is the location for performances of the Mostra sword dance; St Martin’s church which is the main church in the village and located in Kampus; and Mala Gospa church in Prvo Selo which is effectively a church built within the walls of an old church.

Go For Walking & Cycling

There are a number of trails to head off on leading to stunning views and rock formations. The most remarkable is a place called Kocje. After a 25 minute walk from Prvo Selo you will find yourself in a setting quite mystical. Work your way through tight paths running through huge boulders adorned with moss and trees. This place is a joy for adults to explore. As well as great fun for kids to scramble over and under the rocks. From Zrnovo you also have the west end of Korcula in easy reach. You also enjoy a very scenic walking route to Lumbarda, an area famous for its wine and beaches.

Where To Eat & Drink

There are some really good options for eating out in Zrnovo and in the nearby area. Restaurants here are typically “Konobas”, which offer a more relaxed and authentic experience using local fresh produce. Prices are typically much more reasonable, than say in eating in Korcula Old Town. Zrnovo is also home to the traditional island pasta “makaruni”.

Some great options include Belin in Prvo Selo hamlet, Gera in Postrana hamlet, Agrotourism Grubinjac and Atrij in Kampus hamlet. Here you can choose from simple but tasty grilled meats & fish, zrnovski makaruni (the traditional pasta with a meat sauce) or pre-order a peka (a delicious slow-cooked feast). As well as premium bottled wine, these restaurants also offer locally produced or home-produced wines.

For something a bit different, check our Pinjac Pub & Grill. They make their own beer on-site, as well as offering some great regional brews. The menu offers more European dishes such as chicken wings and hamburgers, but with a few Croatian specialities thrown into the mix as well. There are a couple of cafes in Zrnovo. They are typically local and a good place to stop for a coffee.